Newswise — Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar is too high, which interferes with the flow of blood, causing several complications. Fatal diabetic complications, such as blindness, foot necrosis, and kidney failure, can also lead to death if not properly treated.Did you know that diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world? 463 million people worldwide have diabetes. Which means that 1 person in 10 has diabetes.And one in two people living with diabetes do not know that they have diabetes. Complications develop gradually. The longer you have diabetes, the higher risk of complications. Patients with diabetes are suffering from diabetic complications. Patients with diabetes mellitus have hyperglycemia and elevated fibrinogen, which leads to alterated RBC deformability and aggregation.

Due to lack of technology to diagnose, diabetes related complications are literally uninvited guests who are in a dark side and receives a final definitive judgment when severe symptoms appear.

Alteration of deformability and aggregation of RBCs can be detected with RheoScan system at earlier stages of diabetic complications. RheoScan features a unique patented technology that provides clinicians with the only rapid and easy to use method to test RBC Deformability, Aggregation, Blood Critical shear stress.  RheoScan system shows comprehensive and precision hemorheological testing of Diabetic Kidney Disease, Diabetic Retinopathy, Metabolic Syndrome and etc.

A recent series of clinical studies confirmed that red blood cells in the blood were the first biomarkers to recognize such diabetic nephrosis, and published it in a global journal. It is also said that early diagnosis can be made using red blood cells for non-diabetic kidney disease and diabetic retinopathy. More surprisingly, the test measurement takes less than 60 seconds and can be tested with a very small amount of blood (6uL).

RheoMeditech is a blood diagnostic company established in 2003 which has developed a number of medical devices.   

RheoScan - Early screening of diabetic complications, Anysis - platelet function tests, and , RheoESR - ESR (Erythrocyte sedimentation rate) are the product lines of RheoMeditech Inc. 

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