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Researchers sought to determine if laughter therapy could make a difference in the life satisfaction and loneliness of older adults in a nursing home in Turkey. Each laughter therapy session consisted of four parts: warm-up exercises, deep breathing exercises and hand clapping, children’s games and laughter exercises and breathing exercises and meditation. In a randomly controlled trial, there was a difference in loneliness between the two groups, with loneliness being decreased in the experimental group. In conclusion, laughter therapy can potentially be incorporated into a healthcare professional’s practice to help reduce loneliness in older adults. Read the article for more information.

Alici, N.K., & Bahceli, P.Z (2021). Effects of laughter therapy on life satisfaction and loneliness in older adults living in nursing homes in Turkey: A parallel group randomized controlled trial. Rehabilitation Nursing, 46(2), 104-112.

Journal Link: Rehabilitation Nursing