A recent study in JAMA Ophthalmology suggests that older adults with impaired vision are at increased risk of discrimination, which, if experienced, may be associated with poor well-being.

University of Alabama at Birmingham's Dawn DeCarlo, O.D., is available to discuss these findings and how she treats patients with low vision and vision loss.

"Our society is unaware that people with vision impairment often look more like you and me than the stereotypical blind person, so, we judge competency based on ability to do certain tasks – even when the person tells us that the issue is vision."

DeCarlo, is a professor and director of UAB's Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation (CLVR), where she treats patients with decreased vision that cannot be corrected medically or surgically. She is nationally known for both her clinical care of the patient with low vision and her research related to vision impairment. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry where she is also a Diplomate of the Low Vision Section. She is a past chair of both the American Optometric Association Low Vision Rehabilitation Section and the American Academy of Optometry Low Vision Section.