Newswise — Press materials are now available for NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE, a dynamic virtual event showcasing new research findings and timely discussions on food and nutrition. The online meeting will be held June 7–10, 2021. 

NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE is the flagship meeting of the American Society for Nutrition (ASN), the preeminent professional organization for nutrition research scientists and clinicians around the world. 

Register for a press pass to access hundreds of live and recorded sessions. Explore the full schedule, virtual poster presentations and oral presentations to see all the exciting research topics that will be covered at NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE. 

All materials are embargoed until 12 p.m. EDT (UTC-4) June 7. 


New Research Shows Trend Toward Unhealthy Eating During Pandemic

Study participants consumed more vegetables and whole grains before COVID-19 began 


Study Compares Heart Benefits of Low-Fat and Plant-Centered Diets

New findings suggest that a plant-centered diet could help lower heart disease risk 


When the Economy Goes Down, So Does the Quality of Our Diets

Study examining dietary trends during the Great Recession offers lessons for the COVID-19 era 


Diets that Promote Inflammation Could Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Analysis of dietary patterns for over 350,000 women suggests eating more anti-inflammatory foods helps lower risk 


How a Global Pandemic Changed the Way We Eat and Shop

Studies reveal how COVID-19 influenced food choices, attitudes and prices 


Smartphone Use Associated with Unhealthy Eating and Overweight in Teens

More time online linked with less healthy behaviors in large study conducted in South Korea 


How Kids Eat: Five New Insights on Daily Habits and Childhood Obesity

Studies reveal how family, social media and COVID-19 influence children’s diets and health 


New Research Examines the Science Behind Superfoods

Findings suggest that consuming mangos, honey and spices could bring important health benefits 


Trying Not to Overeat? How You Eat Matters

Study finds people who eat more tend to take larger bites or eat faster 


Cutting Food Waste Alone Won’t Solve World’s Nutritional Needs

To feed the growing population, researchers urge attention to essential vitamins and minerals 


Most Americans Are Not Getting Enough Fiber in Our Diets 

Just 7% of adults meet fiber recommendations, raising risk of chronic diseases 


The Latest Science on Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

New research examines prenatal supplements, how eating patterns affect sleep, physical activity while pregnant and more 


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About the American Society for Nutrition (ASN)

ASN is the preeminent professional organization for nutrition research scientists and clinicians around the world. Founded in 1928, the society brings together the top nutrition researchers, medical practitioners, policy makers and industry leaders to advance our knowledge and application of nutrition. ASN publishes four peer-reviewed journals and provides education and professional development opportunities to advance nutrition research, practice and education.


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