Newswise — Washington D.C. -- The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS) is pleased to announce the availability of stipends for research based on an extensive fiber database the organization supports.

Publication and travel stipends are available on an ad hoc basis for graduate students and post-docs who complete research based primarily on the Comprehensive Fiber Database developed and maintained by Tufts University with funding from IAFNS.

The database:

Project ideas can include evidence reviews of fiber and health outcomes and knowledge or gap analysis of a specific area of fiber as it relates to human health. Other uses may also be considered as long as the database is a primary tool used in conducting the research or analysis.

Travel Awards: Up to two travel awards may be granted annually to reimburse up to US $1,000 each to cover meeting registration or travel for a graduate student or post-doc. The funds would support an oral or poster presentation of a project in which the Comprehensive Fiber Database serves as the basis for analysis.

Publications: Awards will be granted on an ad hoc basis up to US $4,000 in the form of reimbursed fees for free access to a peer-reviewed paper accepted for publication by a student currently enrolled in a nutrition or food science graduate program. The same would apply to a post-doc in food science or nutrition who is the first author on a paper for which the Fiber Database is a primary tool for analysis.

Details and full instructions can be found in this form. Please submit applications at your convenience. Applications will be reviewed every eight weeks. For further questions please contact [email protected].

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