Newswise — Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA; 21 January 2020: Calvander Communications, publishers of Patients Beyond Borders: Everybody’s Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism, today announced the publication of the updated and expanded Fourth Edition of the world’s best-selling consumer guide to medical tourism and international health travel.

As millions of Americans drift into financial crisis due to an unaffordable medical treatment, this impartial, easy-to-navigate trade print and ebook reference provides cross-border health travelers a trusted road map to safe, cost-effective decisions about traveling abroad for healthcare.

In 2020, more than two million US patients will cross borders for medical care, up more than tenfold from just a decade ago. "Costs have become unbearable for some 82 million uninsured or underinsured Americans," says author Josef Woodman. "US patients who would otherwise undergo treatment at home are now driven in droves to seek affordable medical options in other countries."

Readers gain concise information on how to make safe, informed decisions about their treatment while saving 30-80% on medical procedures. Some 800 medical centers and clinics in 70 countries around the world are now US-accredited, offering patients a wide range of treatment options. Patients Beyond Borders remains the best-read, most comprehensive, accessible medical tourism guide, authored by the world's leading spokesperson on international health travel.

Key 2020 medical tourism trends:

• The international medical travel market is expanding at 15-18% annually, with rising costs of treatment and aging millennials driving the growth.

• Americans seeking inexpensive pharmaceuticals for complex conditions are beginning to explore destinations such as Mexico and Thailand, where formal hospital-sponsored programs have been created to serve healthcare consumers burdened by ever-increasing US drug prices (e.g. another 5% hike in early 2020). Expensive drugs sought by patients include treatment for cancer, Hepatitis C and spinal conditions such as osteoporosis.

• Fewer inbound patients are visiting US medical centers for care, in favor of culturally compatible, friendlier venues closer to home. Thailand, Singapore, Korea, and Malaysia are the big beneficiaries. China is a big exception as Chinese patients flood US medical centers for complex treatment of cancers and other environmentally driven diseases.

About the Author

As CEO of Patients Beyond Borders, Josef Woodman has spent 14 years advocating for patient choice in quality, affordable medical care. He has toured more than 250 medical facilities in 35 countries, researching and vetting international healthcare options. Co-founder of MyDailyHealth (1998) and Ventana Communications (1987), Woodman's pioneering background in publishing, health, and technology has allowed him to compile a wealth of data and knowledge about international medical care, telemedicine, wellness, integrative medicine, and consumer-directed healthcare.

Woodman has lectured at the UCLA School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, Duke Fuqua School of Business, Scientific American and the International Society for Travel Medicine. He has keynoted and moderated conferences on medical tourism and global healthcare in 20 countries. He has appeared in numerous print and broadcast media, including The Economist, The New York Times, CNN, ABC News, China Daily, Fox News, Huffington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Wall Street Journal, and more. About Patients Beyond Borders

Founded in 2005 and based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Patients Beyond Borders, dba Calvander Communications, Inc. is primarily a publisher of books and related information on international healthcare travel. The company offers custom, collaborative programs and consulting services designed to help global healthcare stakeholders extend visibility and branding within the international medical community, attract more patients, expand online search and credibility, and assist with strategic planning.

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