The University of Delaware has several experts who can comment on Hurricane Sally, including two who have extensive experience with communities directly in its crosshairs.

Jennifer Trivedi: Has a new book about the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that centers on Biloxi, Miss., which is currently in the storm's direct path. She can also speak to the difficulty of dealing with multiple disasters at once, as well as cultural issues and long-term recovery.

Monica Sanders: A Hurricane Katrina survivor and expert on disaster recovery and inequality, Sanders can discuss the still-ongoing recovery in her native New Orleans and use of technology in preparedness and recovery.

Other experts:

A.R. Siders: With Hurricane Sally potentially causing life-threatening storm surge, Siders can discuss sea level rise, rebuilding or retreat after storms and risks to U.S. military bases. 

Tricia Wachtendorf: Household and evacuation decision-making, disaster response and coordination, disaster relief (donations) and logistics, volunteer and emergent efforts, social vulnerability.  

James Kendra: Disaster response, nursing homes and hospitals, volunteers, response coordination.

Jennifer Horney: Environmental impacts of disasters and potential public health impacts for chronic and infectious diseases.

Sarah DeYoung: Pets in emergencies, infant feeding in disasters and decision-making in hurricane evacuation.  

Joe Trainor: Post-hurricane housing decisions and insurance.