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Article title: Long-term facilitation of catecholamine secretion from adrenal chromaffin cells of neonatal rats by chronic intermittent hypoxia

Authors: Vladislav V. Makarenko, Ying-Jie Peng, Shakil A. Khan, Jayasri Nanduri, Aaron P. Fox, Nanduri R. Prabhakar

From the authors: : “Our results demonstrate that chronic intermittent hypoxia induces a hitherto uncharacterized long-term facilitation of catecholamine secretion from neonatal rat chromaffin cells in response to repetitive hypoxia, simulating hypoxic episodes encountered during apnea of prematurity. The sustained catecholamine secretion might contribute to cardiovascular morbidities in infants with apnea of prematurity.”

This study is highlighted as one of November's "best of the best" as part of the American Physiological Society's APSselect program.