Spring Ahead: What is the impact of time change on our health?

Daylight Saving Time begins on March 8 – a routine that results in adjustments not only to our watches, but also to our internal clocks. How does this time change affect the way we sleep? What are the health repercussions of losing that extra hour of rest?

Research tells us that consistent sleep patterns are vital to our well-being[1], affecting our mental[2] and physical health[3].

Two CIHR-funded researchers are available to share their knowledge and answer your questions:

  • Dr. Julie Carrier can speak about the importance of sleep, and how this disruption might affect our health.
  • Dr. Phillip Karpowicz is available to discuss how daylight saving time affects our bodies.

To book an interview, please contact:

David Coulombe

Media Relations

Canadian Institutes of Health Research


[email protected]


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