Research Alert

Newswise — Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Researchers Gordon Gao and Ritu Agarwal published a new report on Wednesday, October 11 that explores how knowledge workers (workers whose main capital is knowledge) with different levels and types of experience team with AI for productivity gains.  

The primary findings of the report show that AI benefits workers with greater task-based experience, but senior workers gain less from AI than their junior colleagues. The research also showed that the relatively lower productivity lift from AI is not a result of seniority per se but rather lower trust in AI, likely triggered by the senior workers’ broader job responsibilities. 

For media members who are interested in covering or would like to learn more about these new findings (and more from the study) about AI, how it may best benefit the workplace, and how advancements in AI continue to evolve the workplace, both Gao and Agarwal are available for interviews to discuss the learnings from their work.  

As background, Gao and Agarwal co-direct the Center for Digital Health and Artifical Intelligence (CDHAI) at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

Journal Link: Management Science, Oct-2023