Newswise — July 24, 2014 - In North Carolina, a stroke survivor, a heart attack survivor, and a heart transplant recipient have teamed up to share their experiences—with the goal of encouraging others to reduce their own cardiovascular disease risks. The "Triad Triage Trio" is featured in the August issue of Heart Insight, a quarterly magazine for patients, their families and caregivers. Heart Insight is published by the American Heart Association (AHA) and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, part of Wolters Kluwer Health.

This team of survivors travels North Carolina's "Triad" area to tell their stories and talk about reducing risk factors for heart disease and stroke, according to a feature article by Heart Insight's Linda Childers.

Survivors Share Their Stories to Encourage Others to Reduce RisksDavid Layton was a smoker with a stressful job and a history of high blood pressure when he suffered a massive stroke in 1999. Recovery was slow and arduous, and David was left with paralysis of his left arm. But he has worked hard to regain as much function as possible, and has even started a website to share his experience with other stroke survivors.

David also took steps to reduce his risk of another stroke: he quit smoking, improved his diet, and reduced stress through exercise and prayer. He also began making presentations about stroke risk reduction, "speaking to any and all groups that invited me to speak." At an AHA function in 2001, David met heart attack survivor Randy Ludington, and the two men teamed up to spread the word on reducing risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Like a lot of men, Randy thought he was "immune" to heart disease—the number one killer of American men. But in addition to a family history of heart disease, he had multiple risk factors, including smoking, overweight, and high cholesterol. Today, Randy is "very proactive" about his health, having reduced his risks by quitting smoking, losing weight, and improving his diet and physical activity.

The duo became a trio in 2011 when they met heart transplant survivor Anne Howell at another AHA event. Anne's presence provides a woman's perspective—an important addition, since heart disease is the number-four cause of death among U.S. women in the United States. Anne provides information about transplantation and inherited risk factors for heart disease.

Anne lived with implanted defibrillators for 16 years before her heart disease progressed to the point where transplantation was the only option. Today, she is an active athlete and mother to two teenage sons, in addition to sharing her experience and knowledge with others. She says, "I've been given a second chance at life and I want to make the most of it."

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###Learn More on Heart InsightThe inspiring story of the Triad Triage Trio includes advice from Dr Clyde Yancy of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago. "Eighty percent of the risk factors associated with heart disease are modifiable, which means they can be changed or treated," according to Dr Yancy. He shares practical tips on weight loss and other steps you can take to reduce your modifiable risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

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