For many viewers, Super Bowl advertising is bigger than the game itself. Sunday night’s contest is likely to set records as one of the most expensive ever for advertisers.

Virginia Tech marketing expert Rajesh Bagchi says the advertising landscape has changed so much, Super Bowl advertising alone may not be enough to engage consumers.

“If a company has the resources to shell out $5 million dollars, I think the Super Bowl may still provide an amazing opportunity to reach out to one-hundred-plus million people in one shot,"said Bagchi. "Given that our attention is now so fragmented, this may still be invaluable. However, firms need to realize that this alone may not be enough.”

Bagchi points to other marketing platforms such as social media, print and consumer product ratings to supplement dollars spent on the Super Bowl.


“When ads are too creative the message can get lost. At a fundamental level, any individual ad or commercial should be part of a consistent message and should be based on the product’s broad overall strategy and positioning. Ad hoc ads are unlikely to be successful.”

“Innovative and immersive ads that are engaging are more likely to be successful. Relevance is also very important. It is also important to repeat the message well after the game is over so that the actual message is not lost.”


Dr. Bagchi is the Richard E. Sorensen Jr. Faculty Fellow in Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business. He teaches marketing research, marketing analytics, consumer behavior, judgment and decision-making and holds research expertise in pricing, numerosity, goals, and loyalty rewards.

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