Newswise — Category 5 Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas with maximum sustained winds of 185 miles an hour. It remained stationary and weakened over the island nation, devastating homes, leveling businesses, and collapsing medical facilities as well as all infrastructure.

There were 5 confirmed dead on Abaco Island along with 13,000 homes destroyed according to the International Red Cross. As communications are restored damage estimates are sure to rise. WEBB Banks, a regional distributor of wines and spirits throughout the Caribbean Basin has an ongoing relationship with the disaster relief agency Third Wave Volunteers, established after 9/11 to help in the aftermath of the world’s worst disaster situations.

Third Wave Volunteers mobilizes medical as well as non-medical volunteers to identify gaps in local relief efforts and find solutions to fill those needs. Utilizing local experts and foreign volunteers Third Wave Volunteers relies heavily on collaborations from local governments and organizations. Learn about the work of Third Wave Volunteers on this YouTube Video as well as at their web site.

WEBB Banks is a premium wine and spirits distributor for Travel Retail, the Caribbean Basin as well as Central America. They became well acquainted with the work of Third Wave Volunteers because of their unique efforts in responding to disasters throughout the Caribbean Basin. As part of their corporate social responsibility WEBB Banks is a supporting sponsor and partner in establishing contacts throughout the Caribbean Basin that assist Third Wave Volunteers with their work throughout the region.

WEBB Banks corporate officers, management, staff, salespeople and employees have been mobilized at the Third Wave Volunteers Headquarters in Miami. They are utilizing their regional logistics expertise to assess and prioritize need while mobilizing the personnel of their client contacts and associates on the ground to quickly set up needed relief centers. The coordinated partnership includes contacting people on the ground as well as sourcing sites where Third Wave Volunteers can set up relief operations.

The current urgent needs of the Bahamian People require a massive infusion of aid. WEBB Banks has taken a leading role in obtaining the necessary donations that will enable Third Wave Volunteers to quickly and efficiently respond to the dire situation currently afflicting the Bahamas.

WEBB Banks is asking Individuals, Companies, and Organizations to support the dedicated disaster relief efforts of Third Wave Volunteers by contributing to the Bahamas Relief Fund. Here’s how you can make a difference:

Donations can be made via Crowd Rise through PayPal : thirdwavevolunteers2018.

Direct Deposit Donations are being accepted at: Third Wave Volunteers Citibank Business:

Account number 9145817339 - Routing number 266086554 - SWIFT code CITI US 33

Third Wave Volunteers is mobilizing their Search and Rescue teams and need an accurate assessment of the situation on the ground along with local volunteers to help them land and establish their operations. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or contacts for people and organizations that Third Wave Volunteers can connect with on the ground through email 'andrea (at)'