Newswise — Wegmans is set to open this Sunday at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City.

Edward McLaughlin, emeritus professor of food industry management, says given Wegmans’ supermarket innovation in service and products, New York City will now be able to relish in the legendary service, restaurant-quality prepared foods and wide selection of goods that are the envy of supermarket companies around the globe.


McLaughlin says:

“New York City has been waiting for a Wegmans for a very long time and now the wait is over. Anticipate, like other Wegmans’ openings, lines around the block from consumers who have been to Wegmans at other upstate and East Coast locations and have been badgering Wegmans leadership to finally open a store in or near the city.

“Why the frenzy? The reasons are many. Wegmans is a family-owned, large format supermarket that has had a long history of offering high quality – indeed, often restaurant-quality – foods and legendary service that has been the envy of other supermarket companies around the globe. Rarely do supermarket executives from other countries come to the U.S. without making a stop at a Wegmans store to see the latest in supermarket innovation. Wegmans is often first with new ideas, concepts and creative ways to better serve its shoppers.

"Wegmans is frequently compared to Whole Foods, which is certainly a favorable comparison. It is perhaps an inaccurate one, since Wegmans boasts many sought-after attributes that Whole Foods does not. For one, Wegmans grocery prices are often among the lowest in a given market and thus they are not burdened with the nickname ‘Whole Paycheck,’ even though Wegmans’ fresh and prepared foods departments are every bit as world class as Whole Foods. Moreover, Wegmans’ large store format allows it to carry a much wider array of both foods and non-foods than Whole Foods, where consumers are sometimes frustrated by the absence of the national grocery brands they have come to expect."

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