Newswise — February 16, 2021 – Have you ever wondered how important ants are for agriculture and soils? They do not get much credit for their contributions, and many people dislike them. This Soil Science Society of America’s (SSSA) February 15th Soils Matter Blog explains how ants are valuable to our ecosystem.

According to blogger Rahul Raman, “Ants live a social life. They have their own complex societies. These societies have division of labor. Queen ants lay eggs for future generations. These eggs hatch into larva. Numerous non-reproductive adult ants in these societies serve as laborers.”

Battalions of ants make their nest in soil. So how do they help us? Nests formed by ants causes loosening of soil which increases water infiltration and soil aeration from the tunnels in the nest. This leads to increased soil moisture content and increased plant growth, along with promoting microbial activities within the soil.

Ants also enrich the nitrogen content of soil. To learn more about the benefits of ants in soil, read the entire blog:

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