Amy Davidoff, PhD, MSSenior Research Scientist in Public Health (Health Policy)

Available via email at [email protected] or 203.785.7475

Dr. Davidoff is a health economist and health services researcher at the Yale School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management, where she is a Senior Research Scientist. She is also affiliated with the Yale Cancer Outcomes, Public Policy, and Effectiveness Research (COPPER) Center.

She is an expert in the area of consumer demand for health insurance and related benefits, and studies the effects of public policy on the availability and cost of private insurance, eligibility and participation in public insurance, and impacts of insurance on access to care, use of services, and health care spending. Particular foci for this research have included the Medicaid and SCHIP expansions, private market insurance reform, Medicaid managed care, Medicare Part D, and most recently, the Affordable Care Act.

In the past several years she has applied this research to individuals with cancer and their treatment, with specific expertise in lung, colorectal, and hematologic malignancies. Recent research has examined the relationship between supplemental insurance in the Medicare population and the economic burden of cancer, and how Medicare coverage influences access to oral cancer medications. Ongoing research focuses on reimbursement policy and trends in use and spending on oral and parenteral antineoplastic agents, as well as early evaluation of the impact of the Affordable Care Act on cancer survivors.

Dr. Davidoff’s research has been funded by the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, The Commonwealth Fund, Robert Wood Johnson’s Health Care Financing and Organization (HCFO) program, and the Kaiser Family Foundation. She has published over 60 papers and policy briefs. Dr. Davidoff earned her doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.