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Waning attention to climate change amid pandemic could have lasting effects

Attention to climate change has significantly declined in recent months, as the pandemic has monopolized news coverage. That's concerning, say study authors who found that simply directing one's attention to an environmental risk—even briefly and...
5-Aug-2020 5:25 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Exposure to ‘good bacteria’ during pregnancy buffers risk of autism-like syndrome in offspring

Inoculation with a beneficial microorganism during pregnancy fended off an autism-like syndrome in offspring, according to a new animal study. The paper is the latest to suggest that 'good bacteria' impacts the brain.
27-May-2020 5:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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‘Nature’s antifreeze’ provides formula for more durable concrete

Secrets to cementing the sustainability of our future infrastructure may come from nature, such as proteins that keep plants and animals from freezing in extremely cold conditions. CU Boulder researchers have discovered that a synthetic molecule...
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Absence makes the brain grow fonder, study shows

A new brain imaging study of prairie voles—which are among only about 5% of mammalian species besides humans who mate for life —found that when it comes to forming bonds, longing for one another may be as important as being together. The study...
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Scientists shed light on essential carbon-fixing machinery in bacteria

Scientists have been studying cyanobacteria and its many potential applications for decades, from cutting CO2 emissions to creating a substitute for oil-based plastics, but there wasn’t a deep understanding of the full life cycle and metabolism of...
6-May-2020 2:40 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Ocean Acidification Prediction Now Possible Years in Advance

CU Boulder researchers have developed a method that could enable scientists to accurately forecast ocean acidity up to five years in advance. This would enable fisheries and communities that depend on seafood negatively affected by ocean...
30-Apr-2020 4:55 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Obamacare buffering bankruptcy risk, new study shows

A decade after President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more people are fully insured, fewer are uninsured and people who lose their insurance intermittently are no longer at greater risk of bankruptcy, according...
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More Protections Needed to Safeguard Biodiversity in the Southern Ocean

Current marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean need to be at least doubled to adequately safeguard the biodiversity of the Antarctic, according to a new CU Boulder study.
21-Apr-2020 2:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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