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Save the Date: Major Meeting on Fluid Dynamics in Seattle, Nov. 23-26, 2019

The American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics 72nd Annual Meeting will take place on Nov. 23-26, 2019, in Seattle, Washington. Journalists are invited to attend the meeting for free. Live press webcasts, featuring a selection of...
15-Oct-2019 2:40 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Babies Born with Broken Hearts

Researchers are exploring how irregular filling mechanics may contribute to defects in developing fetal hearts because inefficient filling leads to energy losses that alter the heart’s structure and performance, and studying how filling mechanics...
13-Nov-2018 10:30 AM EST Add to Favorites

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Studying Water Flow for More Efficient Aquaponic Systems

In aquaponics, the hydroponic crops use the nutrients from fish waste as fertilizer while the fish benefit from the plants’ nutrient uptake capability to improve water quality. The treated water is then recirculated to the plant grow beds and fish...
14-Nov-2018 8:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Reducing the Impact Forces of Water Entry

As professional divers complete what’s known as a rip dive, their hands remove water in front of the body, creating a cavity that reduces the initial impact force. The rest of the body is aligned to shoot through the same cavity created by the...
13-Nov-2018 11:30 AM EST Add to Favorites

Aquatic Animals that Jump Out of Water Inspire Leaping Robots

Ever watch aquatic animals jump out of the water and wonder how they manage to do it in such a streamlined and graceful way? Researchers who specialize in water entry and exit in nature had the same question. During the APS Division of Fluid...
9-Nov-2018 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

The Subtle Science of Wok Tossing

Wok tossing is essential for making a good fried rice -- or so claim a group of researchers presenting new work at the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics 71st Annual Meeting, Nov. 18-20. The researchers became interested in the physics of cooking and,...
13-Nov-2018 8:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Newswise: DFD-Atlanta-Spencer-elephant-ReachingEdited.jpg

Move Over Rover: There’s A New Sniffing Powerhouse in the Neighborhood

Some animals explore, interpret and understand the world with such sensitivity in their noses that people have enlisted canines to help solve crime and detect cancer on the breath. Scientists at Georgia Tech are now homing in on the secrets behind...
9-Nov-2018 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Newswise: DFD-Atlanta-Rykaczewski-cactus.jpg

What Smart Hazmat Suits and Sonora Cactus Skins Have in Common

Motivated by observations of desert flora and fauna, researchers in Arizona began experimenting in the laboratory to characterize cactuses' microscopic 3D epidermal structure at dry and wet times of the year. They apply the lessons in wettability --...
12-Nov-2018 7:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

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The Spin Racket: Ping-Pong Champs Are Intuitive Masters of Fluid Dynamics

Curve balls may help a pitcher strike out batters in baseball; and some nasty spin can make an opponent sweat to return a tennis serve. But more so than in any other ball game, in table tennis – where the ball is so light and so small –dedicated...
8-Aug-2012 10:00 AM EDT

Experts Available: Fluid Dynamics and Ship Experts Discuss the Science of the Costa Concordia

When the cruise liner Costa Concordia drew too close to shore near the Italian island of Giglio, a large rocky outcrop quickly sliced through the ship’s hull. While many questions about the dynamics at play during that disaster remain unanswered,...
27-Feb-2012 8:00 AM EST

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