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SDSC Receives New Funding for West Big Data Innovation Hub

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a second round of funding for the country’s four Big Data Innovation Hubs – organizations where academics, community leaders, regional business, and local and state government representatives...
19-Jun-2019 3:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Borrowing from Astronomy to Rob the Twinkle from Brain Imagery

UC San Diego Professor David Kleinfeld and postdoctoral fellow Rui Liu adopted adaptive optics (AO) to correct microscopic images for the scattering of light that occurs in brain tissue. The result was the first-ever recording of the subcellular...
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Supercomputers Aid in Novel Simulations of Gamma Ray Generation Research

UC San Diego mechanical and aerospace engineering graduate student Tao Wang recently demonstrated how an extremely strong magnetic field, similar to that on the surface of a neutron star, can be not only generated but also detected using an x-ray...
17-Jun-2019 3:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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UC San Diego Celebrates 9,325 Graduates in Class of 2019

The University of California San Diego concludes the region’s college graduation celebrations with today’s All Campus Commencement, and ceremonies for its undergraduate colleges, Graduate Division and professional schools happening throughout...
16-Jun-2019 2:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Viruses Found to Use Intricate ‘Treadmill’ to Move Cargo across Bacterial Cells

Biologists have provided the first example of cargo within bacteriophage cells transiting along treadmill-like structures. The discovery demonstrates that bacteria have more in common with sophisticated human cells than previously believed. This...
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Chemists Manipulate the Physics of Digital Devices

Scientists at UC San Diego and Japan’s RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research found a way to significantly reduce the amount of energy required by organic light emitting diodes that brighten when fed with electricity. These OLEDs are attracting...
10-Jun-2019 1:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Engineers use graph networks to accurately predict properties of molecules and crystals

Nanoengineers at UC San Diego have developed new deep learning models that can accurately predict the properties of molecules and crystals. They can enable researchers to rapidly scan the nearly-infinite universe of compounds to discover potentially...
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Michael Zentner Joins SDSC to Lead Sustainable Scientific Software Group

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California San Diego today announced the appointment of Michael Zentner as director of Sustainable Scientific Software, effective immediately.
5-Jun-2019 12:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Our Experts on Newswise

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Understanding the ethics of genetic engineering – let our experts at UC San Diego explain

7-Jun-2019 2:05 PM EDT

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Scripps Oceanographer Lynne Talley Available to Comment on the Topic of Atlantic Ocean Circulation

11-Apr-2018 5:05 PM EDT

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Northern CA Wildfires Generate 1.5 Million Views of UC San Diego’s ‘Firemap’ Resource

A web-based tool recently developed by UC San Diego researchers under an NSF grant to perform data-driven predictive modeling and real-time tracking of fires has already been viewed about one million times and generated more than 115,000 unique...
13-Oct-2017 4:05 PM EDT

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UC San Diego Scientists Garner National High-Risk, High-Reward Awards

Emma Farley, an assistant professor at UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences and School of Medicine, has been awarded the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award. Melissa Gymrek, an assistant professor in the School of Medicine and...
5-Oct-2017 1:05 PM EDT

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Structural Engineer Available for Interviews About Damage in Mexico Earthquake.

20-Sep-2017 1:05 PM EDT

Saving the World, One Robot Swarm-Infested Hurricane at a Time

11-Sep-2017 6:05 PM EDT

Seismologists Available to Discuss North Korea 6.3 Seismic Event

3-Sep-2017 3:05 PM EDT

Researcher Available to Discuss Impact of Solar Eclipse on Solar Power Generation

16-Aug-2017 7:05 AM EDT

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