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New AI approach bridges the ‘slim-data gap’ that can stymie deep learning approaches

Scientists have developed a deep neural network that sidesteps a problem that has bedeviled efforts to apply artificial intelligence to tackle complex chemistry – a shortage of precisely labeled chemical data.
25-Feb-2019 10:00 PM EST Add to Favorites


Sophisticated Blood Analysis Provides New Clues About Ebola, Treatment Avenues

A detailed analysis of blood samples from Ebola patients is providing clues about the progression of the effects of the virus in patients and potential treatment pathways. The findings point to a critical role for a molecular pathway that relies on...
6-Feb-2019 5:15 PM EST Add to Favorites

Rust never sleeps

PNNL researchers have been able to observe in unprecedented detail how rust happens.
4-Feb-2019 3:05 PM EST Add to Favorites


PNNL tech serves as fish body double

News Release RICHLAND, Wash. — Hundreds of surrogate "fish" will be put to work at dams around the world through an agreement between ATS - Advanced Telemetry Systems - and the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to...
11-Jan-2019 1:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Cloud or no cloud, that is the question

Feature RICHLAND, Wash. — Kids lying on their backs in a grassy field might scan the clouds for images—perhaps a fluffy bunny here and a fiery dragon over there. Often, atmospheric scientists do the opposite—they search data images for the...
12-Dec-2018 2:05 PM EST Add to Favorites


Two-dimensional materials skip the energy barrier by growing one row at a time

News Release RICHLAND, Wash. — A new collaborative study led by a research team at the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and University of California, Los Angeles could provide engineers new design rules for creating...
6-Dec-2018 5:05 PM EST Add to Favorites


VitalTag to give vital information in mass casualty incidents

News Release RICHLAND, Wash. — When mass casualty incidents occur — shootings, earthquakes, multiple car pile ups — first responders can easily be overwhelmed by the sheer number of victims. When every second counts, monitoring all the victims...
26-Nov-2018 6:05 PM EST Add to Favorites


PNNL and LanzaTech team to make new jet fuel

Carbon-rich pollution converted to a jet fuel will power a commercial flight for the first time today. The Virgin Atlantic Airlines’ flight from Orlando to London using a Boeing 747 will usher in a new era for low-carbon aviation that has been...
2-Oct-2018 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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