Dr. Bob Kimball, a Professor, has written several books on marketing and sales.

They include The American Marketing Association Handbook for Successful Selling, The Book on Management, and The Essence of Marketing. He’s also co-author of Selling in the New World of Business.

Kimball, a UWF faculty member since 1987, received a doctorate in Marketing from the University of Georgia. Before coming to UWF, Kimball developed and conducted management and sales training programs for Coca-Cola USA, Cotton States Insurance Companies, Georgia Department of Education, Lanier Business Products and Pabst Brewing Company, among others.

His research has appeared in several refereed journals. Kimball’s articles include “Application of Contemporary Literature to Enhance Interpersonal Skills and Ethical Decision-Making in Professional Selling Coursework” (Journal of Marketing Education); “A Baseline Study of Male/Female Perceptions of Attractiveness and Their Viability Over Time in a Social Context” (American International College Journal of Business); and “Creating an Awareness and Understanding of Business and Cultural Environments Through the Integration of Classic Literature and Film into Traditional Course Work” (Southern Business Review).

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