Carole  Nash, Ph.D.

Carole Nash, Ph.D.

James Madison University

Director of Access and Inclusion; Professor

Expertise: Citizen ScienceCitizen ScienceHuman EcologyHuman Ecology

Nash's background is in archaeology and her scholarly interests and research topics include the archaeology of the Appalachians, Native American cultures, applications of technology in the field sciences, historical ecology and public participation in science.

She is consulting archaeologist and principal investigator for Shenandoah National Park and a registered professional archaeologist. She has 40 years of experience in cultural resource management.

Recent work includes the study of the impacts of climate change on heritage resources of the Chesapeake Bay region. Combining geospatial, archaeological and citizen science research, Nash and her students are developing methodologies for assessment and prediction of these impacts.

She received her doctorate in anthropology/archaeology from the Catholic University of America, a master's degree in applied philosophy from Bowling Green State University, and a bachelor of science degree in anthropology and philosophy from James Madison University.

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