Dr. Fogerty joined AHS from the University of South Carolina, where he was an associate professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. He completed a dual PhD, in speech and hearing science and cognitive science, at Indiana University and was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Audiology Research Laboratory there.

Dr. Fogerty's research focuses on identifying the factors necessary for precisely targeting limitations that an individual may have in understanding speech. Currently, he is working to define acoustic interactions between speech and noise that predict speech understanding in complex environments. Another emphasis of his current research is detailing the individual auditory and cognitive abilities that predict individual performance under noisy listening conditions.

Dr. Fogerty sees his research as relating to and intersecting with the interests of many SHS faculty, and he is looking forward to making a contribution. "The Department of Speech and Hearing Science is a vibrant, collegial environment with a growing research presence and excellent instructional programs," he said. "I am excited to be a part of this scholarly environment."

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