Dr. Katherine Whitaker earned a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, where her dissertation involved in situ characterization of the kinetic stability and thermodynamic properties of vapor-deposited organic glasses. She has taught classes in general chemistry and physical chemistry, and also a first year experience course.

Degrees & Institutions:
Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.S. Chemistry, Stonehill College
B.A. Mathematics, Stonehill College

Current Courses:
CHM 2045 General Chemistry I
CHM 2045L General Chemistry I
Lab CHM 2046L General Chemistry II Lab
Whitaker, K. R.; Tylinski, M.; Ahrenberg, M.; Schick, C.; Ediger, M. D. Kinetic Stability and Heat Capacity of Vapor-Deposited Glasses of o-Terphenyl. The Journal of Chemical Physics 2015, 143 (8), 084511.

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