Dr Liz Coulthard is Associate Professor in Dementia Neurology in the Bristol Medical School and a specialist in cognitive neurology applied to dementia. Her research goal is to identify and to treat early cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s disease with the aim of improving quality of life and slowing disease progression. Her current research sees her investigating the use of dopamine in enhancing older people’s sleep and memory. She is also a champion of how proper sleep patterns can bring about significant physical and mental health gains. In 2021, the work of Dr Coulthard and her team was recognised by sleep technology and app design company Dreem, which provided them with specialist sleep measuring devices for their work on the understanding of sleep, circadian rhythms and dopamine in neurodegenerative disease. After her training as a doctor, Dr Coulthard was appointed as a consultant and has founded a dedicated research group: the ReMemBr group (Research into Memory, the Brain and Dementia), a vibrant and expanding multidisciplinary clinical research group within which clinicians and researchers work side by side.

1996 - BA - St John’s College, Oxford, 
1999 - M.B.B.S, Royal Free and University College Hospitals Medical School, 
2008 - PhD, University of London

1999 - Merit Award in Clinical Pharmacology, 
2008 - First runner up prize, Queen Square Symposium poster competition, 
2015 - Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians UK


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