Lorraine Simpson, Two-Time Magellan Award Winning Travel Entrepreneur and now Cityline TV Travel Expert, started out as many Travel Advisors did, with a home-based franchise, a computer, and very limited resources. Her office was in an unfinished basement, and she had to get creative with her marketing initiatives. Focused, driven, and full of enthusiasm, she was determined to shine in the travel industry. The rest is history. Within five years she was selling over $4 million annually and was collecting multiple awards on a regular basis. Now a regular on National and Regional TV, Lorraine is a the most visually recognized Travel Professional in the media today. Lorraine shares her secrets to success in her Mentoring/Coaching program, at speaking engagements at major travel industry events, and on Experiential Luxury Mastermind FAM trips in some of the most exotic destinations in the world. She is also a widely known expert in the areas of inventive travel, group travel, escorted group travel, events and travel, corporate travel, eco-tourism, culinary tourism, post-pandemic business recovery, and best places to travel off-the-beaten path. 
Visit her online today: www.lorrainesimpson.com

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“Countries with solid infrastructures will be more popular than ever,” she says. “Countries that have first-world medical systems and law enforcement agencies will be more popular than ever among globetrotters. People will want to visit to locations that have state-of-the-art-hospitals in the event they get sick, and they will want to vacation in places with law enforcement agencies who are serious in combatting crime, which will be on the rise as the world struggles with a global financial crisis.”

- Cityline TV Travel Expert Lorraine Simpson is the ‘go-to’ travel source for everyone

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