Dr. Naiman Khan received his BS Degree in Nutritional Sciences from Louisiana State University in 2006. This was followed by MS (2009) and PhD (2012) degrees in Nutritional Sciences at the University  of  Illinois. Following his PhD,  he completed Postdoctoral  Research training in Neurocognitive Kinesiology at the University of Illinois. He currently leads the Body Composition and Nutritional Neuroscience Laboratory. His research has taken a multidisciplinary approach to integrate  knowledge  in  the area sof  nutrition,  kinesiology, and  cognitive  neuroscience  to understand  the  influence  of health  behaviors on  specific  aspects  of  attention,  memory,  and achievement. Dr.  Khan  has  published  over  80research  manuscripts  and  has  received  funding support  from  multiple  sources  including  government, private  corporations, and non-profit  food and  commodity  boards. The  overarching  objective  of his research  program  is  to  generate foundational  knowledge in translating  the  impact  of  health  behaviors to childhood  cognitive function

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