Nikki  Kantelis, MBA

Nikki Kantelis, MBA

Texas Tech University

Area Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Practice

Expertise: EconomicsEconomicsquantitative analysisquantitative analysisRussiaRussiaTradingTradingUkraineUkraine

“The Russia-Ukraine crisis has resulted in a significant shock to global energy markets,” she said. “Geopolitical tensions, which always cause uncertainty and concerns about supply disruption, are particularly amplified in this case. Global energy demand is recovering from COVID-19 and supplies were relatively tight even before this crisis. U.S. shale producers, who would normally be expected to respond to higher prices and bring more supply to the market, are not responding as they might have in the past. Some continue to have financial problems, and some have been concerned about the impact of some of the Biden administration's mandates and executive orders. OPEC producers do not have much spare production capacity and are, themselves, not in the position to raise production. The only market certainty is that energy markets will continue to experience volatility.”

Kantelis' areas of expertise include economics, quantitative analysis, energy midstream and downstream trading.

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