Dr. Rachel Hoopsick (she/her) utilizes epidemiologic methods and a socioecological lens to understanding risk and resilience for problems with substance use and mental health among populations with high-stress occupations and life circumstances. Her research has primarily focused on military populations (including veterans, active duty service members, reservists, and military-connected families), with a particular focus on never-deployed service members and veterans – a population at increased risk for problems with substance use, mental health, and barriers to healthcare services, yet remains understudied. Dr. Hoopsick also has substantial applied epidemiology and evaluation experience. She holds graduate degrees in epidemiology (MS), health services administration (MPH), and community health and health behavior (PhD) from the University at Buffalo. She also completed a HRSA-funded NRSA postdoctoral fellowship in addiction management and implementation science.

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How cannabis use among Veterans impacts their care

While the percentage of Veterans reporting past-year marijuana use has increased in the last decade, few of them obtain it from medical sources, a new study shows.
13-Jun-2023 04:35:54 PM EDT

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