Dr. Mullen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health. Mullen’s Exercise, Technology, and Cognition (ETC) Laboratory and has been federally-funded since 2012. His research uses a precision behavioral medicine framework to understand the interrelationships between physical activity self-regulation and cognitive health across the lifespan among healthy populations and those with chronic conditions. His lab has developed novel combinatory, mind-body interventions with special attention given to exergaming and brain training, movement with mindfulness, and exercise plus thermotherapy for improving cognitive control and minimizing mental fatigue. Mullen currently serves as Principal Investigator for an R01 (funded by National Institute on Aging) designed to test the effectiveness of a multimodal computerized cognitive training intervention on exercise adherence among low-active middle-aged adults. UIUC’s Center for Social and Behavioral Sciences is also funding his “TIPSTART” program for first-generation undergraduate students. Mullen also serves as Co-I/ biostatistician for other federal grants.

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