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Article title: Increased cholinergic activity under conditions of low estrogen leads to adverse cardiac remodeling

Authors: Vanessa P. Teixeira, Kiany Miranda, Sergio Scalzo, Cibele Rocha-Resende, Mário Morais Silva, Geisa C. S. V. Tezini, Marcos B. Melo Melo MB, Fernando Pedro Souza-Neto, Kaoma S. C. Silva, Itamar C. G. Jesus, Anderson K. Santos, Mauro de Oliveira, Raphael E. Szawka, Helio C. Salgado, Marco Antonio Máximo Prado, Maristela O. Poletini, Silvia Guatimosim

From the authors: “We conclude that hypercholinergic mice under reduced estrogen conditions do not develop concentric hypertrophy, a critical compensatory adaptation, evolving towards cardiac dilation and failure. This study emphasizes the importance of understanding the consequences of cholinesterase inhibition, used clinically to treat dementia, for cardiac function in postmenopausal women.” 

This study is highlighted as one of February’s "best of the best" as part of the American Physiological Society's APSselect program.