Research Alert

Research shows that exercise has physical and cognitive benefits. What if exercise could benefit video game performance as well? This study shows that as little as 15 minutes of intense cardiovascular exercise performed immediately before playing a video game improved performance of the popular online game League of Legends.

To complete the study, a group of young individuals were asked to either perform intense cardiovascular exercise or rest immediately before playing the same customized mission in League of Legends. Video game performance improved after exercise in comparison with rest. Online video game platforms such as League of Legends and Fortnite have 67 and 78.3 million players monthly respectively. As video game use increases, we must promote physical activity to younger individuals.

This study could produce a dramatic shift in the video game discussion as the results provide a strong argument to convince the rapidly growing number of video gamers in the world to become more active physically. Video gamers could potentially integrate exercise into their training routines not only to enhance their video game performance, but also to benefit from the well-known effects of exercise on physical and cognitive health.