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Newswise: David Yellen named dean of the University of Miami School of Law
Released: 12-May-2022 12:30 PM EDT
David Yellen named dean of the University of Miami School of Law
University of Miami

A brilliant barrister who has argued a case before the Supreme Court and innovated in the classroom, David Yellen has served as a dean at two prestigious schools of law and is known as one of the most influential figures in legal education.

Newswise: New class explores learning in the metaverse
Released: 9-May-2022 1:55 PM EDT
New class explores learning in the metaverse
University of Miami

Students and faculty members discover some of the possibilities for the future of education through the University of Miami’s first course conducted in virtual reality.

Newswise: Distinguished speakers to share wisdom with UMiami Class of 2022
Released: 3-May-2022 4:30 PM EDT
Distinguished speakers to share wisdom with UMiami Class of 2022
University of Miami

A group of extraordinary, international and national, thought leaders will share their advice with the Class of 2022 during the University of Miami commencement ceremonies at the Watsco Center next week.

Newswise: Researchers detect a tropical plant species presumed to be extinct
Released: 18-Apr-2022 8:00 AM EDT
Researchers detect a tropical plant species presumed to be extinct
University of Miami

University of Miami associate professor Kenneth Feeley and graduate student Riley Fortier were part of a research group that rediscovered a plant called Gasteranthus extinctus, named to anticipate its extinction.

Newswise:Video Embedded climate-resilience-academy-ushers-in-new-era-of-research-solutions
Released: 11-Apr-2022 2:00 PM EDT
Climate Resilience Academy ushers in new era of research, solutions
University of Miami

The University of Miami will launch a new Climate Resilience Academy, a functional research and coordinating hub supporting the University’s academic units and pursuing an interdisciplinary approach that links with private and public partners to solve impacts of climate change and other complex global issues.

Released: 8-Apr-2022 10:05 AM EDT
What does Jackson’s SCOTUS appointment mean for the nation?
University of Miami

Ketanji Brown Jackson, who grew up in Miami, becomes the first Black woman to be elevated to the high court. But barriers for women and Black people still remain in all aspects of society, University of Miami experts cautioned.

Newswise: UMiami welcomes history scholar, skilled educator as first vice provost for educational innovation
Released: 4-Apr-2022 9:30 AM EDT
UMiami welcomes history scholar, skilled educator as first vice provost for educational innovation
University of Miami

Professor Kathi Kern, who will begin the new role this summer, plans to develop more experiential learning opportunities for students and help faculty members elevate their teaching expertise.

Newswise: Neurology specialist addresses aphasia, the illness affecting Bruce Willis
Released: 1-Apr-2022 11:10 AM EDT
Neurology specialist addresses aphasia, the illness affecting Bruce Willis
University of Miami

Dr. James Galvin, chief of the Division of Cognitive Neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, explains the brain disorder afflicting Bruce Willis that has caused him to step away from his acting career.

Released: 24-Mar-2022 1:30 PM EDT
Ketanji Brown Jackson hearings ‘more style than substance’
University of Miami

During two days of testimony, President Joe Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court defended her judicial record in lengthy sessions. University of Miami experts in law and political science weigh in on the process pointing out that, among other reasons, many members of the Senate Judiciary Committee relish their time in the spotlight.

Released: 24-Mar-2022 11:55 AM EDT
UMiami community remembers Madeleine Albright
University of Miami

‘Gracious, engaging, and brilliant’ and ‘an ardent advocate for refugee resettlement,’ Albright was the first woman to serve as secretary of state. She received an honorary degree from the University of Miami in 2006.

Newswise: ‘2022 The Business of Health Care’ to track industry-wide transformation
Released: 23-Mar-2022 8:30 AM EDT
‘2022 The Business of Health Care’ to track industry-wide transformation
University of Miami

Industry leaders and experts, including a recent U.S. health secretary, convene April 1 at the University of Miami for a half-day hybrid conference to analyze the amalgam of new innovations that are revolutionizing the health care field.

Newswise: Student strives to be a voice for Afghan women
Released: 7-Mar-2022 4:05 PM EST
Student strives to be a voice for Afghan women
University of Miami

Afghan émigré Zakera Azizi, who was granted a scholarship to earn a master’s degree at the Miami Herbert Business School, recounts her journey to Miami and pledges to use her degree and skills to represent women, especially those in her native country.

Newswise:Video Embedded in-a-milestone-occasion-university-of-miami-dedicates-its-student-services-building
Released: 7-Mar-2022 2:00 PM EST
In a milestone occasion, University of Miami dedicates its Student Services Building
University of Miami

The Harold Long Jr. and H.T. Smith Student Services Building becomes the first structure in the University of Miami’s history named after Black alumni.

Released: 4-Mar-2022 3:35 PM EST
Is Russia committing war crimes in Ukraine?
University of Miami

University of Miami School of Law associate professor Pablo Rueda-Saiz discusses what constitutes a war crime and what it takes to gather evidence of such transgressions and to prosecute those responsible.

Released: 28-Feb-2022 2:45 PM EST
Researcher a lead author on landmark climate change report
University of Miami

Climate impacts and adaptations are just some of the topics Katharine Mach, an associate professor at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, helped address as a lead author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment Report.

Newswise:Video Embedded interactive-exhibit-honors-the-legacy-of-the-university-of-miami-s-first-black-graduates
Released: 15-Feb-2022 1:05 PM EST
Interactive exhibit honors the legacy of the University of Miami’s first Black graduates
University of Miami

Made possible by a generous gift from University of Miami alumnus and trustee Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., the Taylor Family/UTrailblazers Experience includes a trove of archival materials from the period immediately after and beyond the institution’s desegregation.

Released: 14-Feb-2022 2:00 PM EST
Mental health experts offer insights on how to overcome anxiety
University of Miami

Some of the University of Miami’s top mental health experts offer tips for curbing those anxious feelings that many are harboring while dealing with the longevity and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Released: 28-Jan-2022 11:05 AM EST
Why do lizards plummet in the cold?
University of Miami

With a cold front set to sweep into the region this weekend, many in South Florida are wondering—will it be raining iguanas? Christopher Searcy, an assistant professor of biology at the University of Miami who is a reptile and amphibian expert, discusses the rare South Florida phenomenon of cold-shocked lizards and iguanas falling from the trees.

Newswise: Increased psychedelic use during pandemic prompts new research
Released: 27-Jan-2022 12:45 PM EST
Increased psychedelic use during pandemic prompts new research
University of Miami

Denise Vidot, a University of Miami epidemiologist who has studied the impact of cannabis on well-being for a decade, has broadened her laboratory’s research to include psilocybin, aiming to explain a surge in use of both substances during the pandemic.

Released: 25-Jan-2022 2:05 PM EST
University of Miami presents a world premiere opera
University of Miami

The opera is based on "Il Gattopardo," one of the greatest literary works of the 20th century later adapted to a feature film considered one of the top films ever made.

Released: 19-Jan-2022 9:25 AM EST
Tonga faces daunting challenges after massive volcanic eruption
University of Miami

University of Miami experts provide insights on the powerful eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano, an event geologists are calling the biggest recorded anywhere in the world in more than three decades.

Released: 11-Nov-2020 1:50 PM EST
Sociologists dispel the 'bad apple' excuse for racialized policing
University of Miami

Six days after a prone and restrained George Floyd died under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien dismissed charges that racism is rampant among police by arguing that "a few bad apples" are giving police "a terrible name."

Released: 17-Aug-2020 3:10 PM EDT
Global warming is changing our plant communities
University of Miami

Although Live Oak trees are common in South Florida today, Ken Feeley, a University of Miami biology professor, said their time here may be fleeting.

Newswise: 225124_web.jpg
Released: 25-Feb-2020 1:10 PM EST
Modern technology reveals old secrets about the great, white Maya road
University of Miami

Did a powerful queen of Cobá, one of the greatest cities of the ancient Maya world, build the longest Maya road to invade a smaller, isolated neighbor and gain a foothold against the emerging Chichén Itzá empire?

Released: 12-Apr-2016 12:05 PM EDT
Understanding Genes Linked to Autism-Relevant Behavior in High-Risk Siblings
University of Miami

UM College of Arts & Sciences psychology researchers find that dopamine genes could shine a light on early communication.

Released: 30-Mar-2016 11:05 AM EDT
Dynamic Connections in the Brain
University of Miami

Research focuses on the moment-to-moment variations in a region of the brain involved in multiple mental processes.

Released: 3-Mar-2016 2:05 PM EST
University of Miami Research Explains Success of Extremist Politicians
University of Miami

Today's longer campaign cycles, filled with numerous televised debates and constant news reporting and social media coverage, are causing the rise of extremist politicians, according to a new study from the University of Miami School of Business Administration, just published in the American Economic Journal: Economics.

Newswise: Shark Survey
Released: 25-Feb-2016 2:05 PM EST
Shark Survey
University of Miami

A survey of shark scientists reveals that a majority favor sustainable fishing of the predators rather than a ban on shark fishing.

Newswise: How Humans Impacted the Everglades
Released: 15-Feb-2016 1:05 PM EST
How Humans Impacted the Everglades
University of Miami

Excavations show the role early humans played in forming the tree islands that dot the river of grass.

Released: 9-Dec-2003 3:40 PM EST
Safe and Effective Seizure Treatment for Elderly Patients with Epilepsy
University of Miami

Researchers have found that the anti-epileptic drug (AED) Keppra (levetiracetam) controlled seizures and was well tolerated by more than 70 percent of elderly patients with epilepsy evaluated in a new study.

Released: 29-Oct-1999 12:00 AM EDT
Physiological Effect of Video Games on Children
University of Miami

Many parents worry about the psychological effects of their children playing hours upon hours of video games but what about the physiological impact. Can video games lead to elevated stress levels or other health risks in young people?

Released: 29-Oct-1999 12:00 AM EDT
Endangered Florida-Coast Billfish
University of Miami

During the past two decades, the numbers of immense silvery billfish sailing through Florida's aqua blue waters have been steadily declining due to over-fishing. The species, which include sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin, spearfish and swordfish, are some of the state's most popular catches among both commercial fishermen and sport fishing enthusiasts.

Released: 28-Oct-1999 12:00 AM EDT
Ocean Fuel Injectors Linked to Hurricane Intensification
University of Miami

A University of Miami professor has identified the probable cause of those sudden intensifications and, perhaps more importantly, mapped some of the hot spots where this season's hurricanes are likely to strengthen dramatically just before landfall.

Released: 10-Nov-1998 12:00 AM EST
Sports Have Positive Effect on Students
University of Miami

Middle and high school students who participate in sports express less hostility toward their classmates and are more likely to graduate from high school and go on to college, according to the preliminary results of an ongoing national study.

Released: 10-Nov-1998 12:00 AM EST
Threat of Lawsuits Has Chilling Effect on TV News
University of Miami

A majority of the nation's television news directors say the threat of being sued is producing a major chilling effect on daily news coverage, according to a national survey conducted by the University of Miami.

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