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Newswise — October’s SLAS Technology Special Issue Focuses on the Hot Topic, “Engineering Innovations for Fundamental Biology and Translational Medicine”

Oak Brook, IL – In the October Special Issue of SLAS Technology, Guest Editors Soojung Claire Hur, Ph.D., and Deok-Ho Kim, Ph.D., (Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD, USA) introduce a collection of articles and reviews focused on the advancement in technologies that are playing a major role in shifting healthcare closer to more predictive, preventative and personalized medicine.

Growing clinical evidence shows that prescribing patient treatments based on population average is no longer an effective healthcare strategy. Because of this, the movement towards personalized medicine has grown exponentially which necessitates a transformation for physicians to provide diagnostic tests and determine treatment protocol for the individual patient.

The following reviews and original research focus on how scientists and clinicians are integrating innovative technologies with existing clinical workflows to advance personal patient care:

  • Biomicrofluidic Systems for Hematologic Cancer Research and Clinical Applications
  • Advances in Technologies for Purification and Enrichment of Extracellular Vesicles
  • Quantification of In Vivo Target Engagement Using Microfluidic Activity-Based Protein Profiling
  • An Equipment-Free, Paper-Based Electrochemical Sensor for Visual Monitoring of Glucose Levels in Urine
  • Fabrication of Bioengineered Skin by Injection Molding: A Feasibility Study on Automation
  • Controlling Macroscopic Phase Separation of Aqueous Two-Phase Polymer Systems in Porous Media
  • Rapid Production and Recovery of Cell Spheroids by Automated Droplet Microfluidics
  • Framework Nucleic Acids: A Paradigm Shift in Transdermal Drug Delivery

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