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Platforms for Investigating LncRNA Functions

To aid in the discovery and understanding of lncRNA biology, newly published work features the technological platforms and methodology presently used to identify the roles of lncRNA in biology. This work highlights the databases and tools used to...
25-Jun-2018 7:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Using Fragment-Based Approaches to Discover New Antibiotics

A new SLAS Discovery review article summarizes new methods of fragment-based lead discovery (FBLD) to identify new compounds as potential antibiotics. It explains how FBLD works and illustrates its advantages over conventional high-throughput...
18-Jun-2018 9:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Integrated Lead Discovery: An Evolving Toolbox

A new SLAS Discovery review article by GlaxoSmithKline researchers in the U.S. and U.K. offers an informative guide to the established and emerging tools available for early drug discovery and screening, and provides illustrative scenarios...
20-Jun-2018 3:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Clinical Trials in a Dish: A Perspective on the Coming Revolution in Drug Development

Researchers share perspective about Clinical Trials in a Dish (CTiD), a novel strategy that bridges preclinical testing and clinical trials.
30-May-2018 1:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


The Evolution in Flow Cytometry: Turning a Low-Throughput Platform into an Automated High-Throughput System

New research highlights a diversity of approaches that an automated high-throughput flow cytometry has enabled for phenotypic drug discovery.
24-May-2018 8:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Simplifying Skin Disease Diagnosis with Topical Nanotechnology

This vision of simplifying disease diagnosis using topically-applied nanotechnology could change the way skin diseases such as abnormal scars are diagnosed and managed.
15-May-2018 8:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Auto-Commentary by the Authors of “LINE-1 Protein Localization and Functional Dynamics During the Cell Cycle”

In a new SLAS Discovery auto-commentary, two authors of an article recently published in eLife (“LINE-1 Protein Localization and Functional Dynamics During the Cell Cycle”) explain their general views on their novel discoveries and discuss ideas...
1-May-2018 5:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Advanced Development of Primary Pancreatic Organoid Tumor Models for High-Throughput Phenotypic Drug Screening

A multidisciplinary team of scientists share recent advancements in innovative in-vitro cancer biology methods for screening drug-like molecules in cancer tissue relevant models in a new report published online ahead-of-print at SLAS Discovery....
16-Apr-2018 5:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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