“For several decades, the Cuban trade embargo has been the key factor preventing trade and investment between the United States and Cuba,” said Evert Van der Sluis, a professor for the department of economics at South Dakota State University.

“Even if fully lifted, both sides will need to take steps to enable a smooth transition and mutual market access. The transition is expected to continue to face obstacles because Cuban state-owned industries may not be eager to lose protection from outside competition, and also because foreign firms entered Cuban markets earlier than U.S.-based firms.”

Van der Sluis, a native of the Netherlands, received a doctorate degree in agricultural and applied economics from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree in agricultural economics from Iowa State University.

He teaches courses in international economics, public finance and agricultural policy, and conducts research on the economics of food systems, agricultural policy and international economics.

•Contact Van der Sluis at 605-651-1639 or [email protected].