Newswise — The “Road to Chula Engineering Journey – Learn Do Share” is a project for Chula Engineering faculty members to gain hands-on experience in sustainable development for a local community in Chiang Mai province.

The Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, has organized the “Road to Chula Engineering Journey – Learn Do Share” project for all faculty members to learn, do activities and share knowledge under the concept of sustainable development at Huai Hongkhrai community, Chiangmai province. With the project’s three steps, “Learn Do Share”, the faculty members learn how to create forest fire protection lines and built actual fire protection lines with the local community. Furthermore, the community was introduced to an innovation, “Sensor for All”, air quality monitors that measure and alert PM2.5 levels in the area. This innovation will not only help raise awareness on air pollution, but also reduce risk of illness and improve life for locals.

Professor Dr. Supot Teachavorasinskun, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, revealed the project’s purpose.

“We try to encourage our faculty members to focus on sustainability, by doing activities and bringing knowledge and innovations to help and develop society. This is consistent with the university’s position to transfer innovations to solve problems in Thai society and promote sustainable development.”

The Road to Chula Engineering Journey is a project that naturally fits with the Chula Engineering Faculty as the faculty members have a diverse range of experience and knowledge. To fully make use of this diversity, hands-on experience of learning by doing, sharing and exchanging knowledge with the local community becomes useful. The idea of ‘sustainability’ is better understood and people see how innovation can positively impact the community.

Professor Dr. Pisut Pianmanakul, Deputy Dean for Innovation and Sustainably Strategy, added that, “We expect the ‘Learn Do Share’ project to be one of the prototype models which will also make changes for communities, human behavior, and bring about sustainability. This is the innovation and sustainability strategy we wish to push forward. Since 2020, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have received global recognition and people around the world now talk about sustainability. For this reason, we should continue moving further, not only with just any innovation, but innovations towards sustainability.”

“To achieve this, we encourage all Chula Engineering faculty members and the general public to help promote and strengthen innovations towards sustainability,” Professor Dr. Pisut concluded.

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