Danielle Vinson, Ph.D., and Brent Nelsen, Ph.D., are arguably the most knowledgeable political scientists in the country about former Gov. Haley and the people of South Carolina with 29 and 34 yearsrespectively spent studying South Carolina politics. They also understand the national landscape and can answer questions, such as:

  • Why isn't South Carolina supporting Nikki Haley?
  • What in Haley’s career suggested she would have gotten this far?
  • Is her strategy sound? How does she answer Trump’s criticisms?
  • How does she get around abortion?
  • How long will she stay in the fight?
  • Would she consider being Trump’s VP?

Danielle and Brent will give you terrific insight for stories about the former governor and South Carolina’s primary.

Danielle is regularly interviewed about national politics and South Carolina politicians (including Haley) and she has a specialty in politics and social media. She will be in Washington D.C. for the semester starting Jan. 20. She’ll be available during the day for interviews. She got her Ph.D. from Duke and started teaching at Furman in 1995.

Brent is frequently interviewed by South Carolina reporters for his expertise on national elections and statewide voters. Haley appointed him chair of the Educational Television Commission in 2014. Earlier, President Obama appointed him to the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. He got his Ph.D. from Wisconsin, did a Fulbright in Norway and began teaching at Furman in 1990.