Newswise — Chicago, IL, April 5 – Elder abuse is a pervasive public health and human rights issue across the globe. According to World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 1 in 10 older people experience abuse, including physical abuse, psychological or verbal abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation, and neglect. However, this statistic is likely to be underestimated because many victims are afraid to report the abuse. Elder Abuse: Research, Practice, and Policy provides the most comprehensive and systematic review of elder abuse in the aspects of research, practice, and policy in the history of the field. This 700+ page, 35 chapter book was edited by XinQi Dong MD MPH, who is a prolific international expert in the field of elder justice and violence prevention. The forward was written by Kathy Greenlee, former Assistant Secretary for Administration for Community Living/Administration on Aging, Department of Health and Humans Services.

This book addresses the epidemiology of elder abuse issues and the global prevalence of elder abuse in both developed and developing countries, which synthesizes the most up-to-date data about risk/protective factors associated with elder abuse and consequences of elder abuse; clinical assessment and management of elder abuse; anthropological/ethnographic lens to the field; practice and services that describe adult protective services, legal justice, elder court systems, and guardianship system; policy issues; and future directions.

“Elder abuse is common, predictable, costly and fatal condition and is particularly disturbing given the estimated global population growth of people aged 65 from 2010 to 2050, which is predicted to triple and reach 1.5 billion individuals. I am humbled and thankful to the perspicacious contributors to this volume, aiming to objectively provide the state-of-the-science for the past, present, and future for the field of elder justice through systematic evaluations of research, practice, and policy,” said editor XinQi Dong, a geriatrician, population epidemiologist, professor at Rush University Medical Center, director of the Chinese Health, Aging and Policy Program, and Associate Director of Rush Institute for Healthy Aging. 

Elder Abuse: Research, Practice and Policy is a useful resource for aging researchers, social services, general internists, family medicine physicians, social workers, nurses, and legal professionals interested in the issues of elder abuse. The book can be purchased electronically on Springer or the following link:

About the Editor

XinQi Dong is an expert on public health of aging population, with emphasis on the intersections of culture, violence, and health outcomes. He is now leading multiple epidemiological studies involving more than 4,000 research participants.