Demonstrators in China continue to protest the country’s strict coronavirus measures. James Carter, PhD, dean of Saint Joseph’s College of Arts and Sciences, is a leading and celebrated scholar on China’s modern history, having published three books on related topics and dozens of articles. Carter is available to to provide expert commentary and analysis about this topic. The following quotes by Carter are available for pick-up:

“The Chinese Communist Party is in a difficult spot because they have tied a lot of their legitimacy and popularity to handling COVID ‘better’ than the rest of the world. This was easy to show because so few people have died in China compared to other countries. Now people have grown weary of the lockdown, but if the lockdown is lifted, cases and deaths will likely rise because low immunity and poor vaccination uptake.”

“With the death of former leader Jiang Zemin, people may long for a time when Chinese society was freer, the economy was stronger and more opportunity seemed everywhere.”