Julia   Hormes, PhD

Julia Hormes, PhD

University at Albany, State University of New York

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Expertise: Health BehaviorsPsychologyeating behaviorEating Disorders

Julia Hormesis is a clinical and health psychologist and direct the Health Behaviors Laboratory at the University at Albany. The primary areas of focus of research in the lab are as follows:

The psychology of human food choice behavior - pathological and non-pathological aspects of eating behavior, including eating disorders, obesity, food addiction, food cravings (in particular in pregnancy, the perimenstrum, and the migraine prodrome), and food avoidance (in particular of meat and other animal products). 
Interventions targeting diet, nutrition, and weight

Other health-promoting and health-compromising behaviors related to food intake and body weight (e.g., exercise)
Non-substance/ behavioral addictions (e.g., to the Internet, social media, video gaming)
The status of women in academia and ways to promote the successful retention of women in academic careers

Clinical interests include eating disorders and obesity, addiction, and psychosocial adjustment to living with chronic illness.

“The outcome that people focus on is health, but it’s really appearance. So engage in these behaviors, not to be healthy and to live a long life but to look a certain way.”

“There’s a certain ambivalence. It’s inherently pleasurable, but I also live in a culture that tells me I shouldn’t have this chocolate. I really want it, but I shouldn’t have it – we think that is the piece of culture that really encourages that elaborat

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