Nick   Bassill, Ph.D.

Nick Bassill, Ph.D.

University at Albany, State University of New York

Sr Research Support Specialist, Center of Excellence in Climate and Weather Analytics

Expertise: Tropical CyclonesNumerical weather predictionweather forecastingEmergency ManagementRisk Management

Dr. Bassill received his PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a research focus in ensemble and parameterization studies. Afterward, he worked as a Post-Doctoral researcher at the University of Utah, where he studied aspects of Hurricane Sandy’s unusual track (including what led some models to make an incorrect forecast). Afterward he was hired as a Post-Doctoral researcher with the New York State Mesonet to begin building an operational analysis system that would utilize mesonet observations. Concurrently, he is actively involved in building meteorological products for and doing basic research with the New York State Mesonet. Currently, Nick predominantly spends his time working with the Center of Excellence on a variety of projects.

With extreme heat also comes the risk of rails warping, which can cause train derailments, rolling black outs and subsequent service disruptions, according to Nick Bassill, a meteorologist at the University of Albany who regularly works with state governm

"When you think about what can lead to that sort of cycle, you need two things: you need precipitation and you need the temperature to go frequently above and below freezing."

"Effectively the entirety of NYC has experienced serious flooding from massive rainfall, which comes on the heels of another tropical system just 10 days ago that also produced extreme rainfall for NYC. The images and videos coming out of NYC [on Sept. 1]

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