Rebecca Erwin Wells, MD, MPH, is an associate professor of neurology at Wake Forest School of Medicine. She is the founder and director of the Comprehensive Headache Program at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist and serves as associate director of clinical research for their Center for Integrative Medicine.

As a practicing neurologist and board-certified headache specialist, Wells understands the real-world challenges and importance of finding effective migraine relief strategies for patients.

Her research investigates the mechanisms and efficacy of mind/body treatments for headache. She presents to national and international audiences as an expert in headache, mind/body and integrative medicine. She has received funding from NIH, National Headache Foundation and American Pain Society for her research. As a trained mindfulness meditation instructor, she has led mindfulness sessions virtually with worldwide participants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wells has been a “Best Doctor of America” since 2015. She is vice president of the Southern Headache Society and on the Board of Directors of the American Headache Society. She currently serves as co-chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce for the American Headache Society.

In 2021, Wells received the American Headache Society Harold Wolff-John Graham Award in recognition of outstanding achievements in headache/facial pain research. She also won the 2021 American Headache Society Early Career Lecture award for the best paper on headache written by an “early career author.”

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