Supporting confident decision-making by identifying nutrition or food safety information gaps and filling them. Knowledge of multisectoral decision-making, conflict of interest issues, research investments, scientific integrity and food safety. Dr. Jones has a strong scientific background in the food, agriculture and chemical industries, and brings over 20 years of global experience in industry and government. She leads IAFNS’s multi-sector scientists, trustees and staff to extend the organization’s contribution to and impact within diverse scientific and health communities. Leveraging the input of government, industry and academic scientists she catalyzes the advancement of science. In doing so, she is expert in multi-sectoral processes and research investments that benefit public health.

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IAFNS Looks Ahead at Third Anniversary to More Actionable Science, Data-Sharing

IAFNS enters its fourth year as a science-focused nonprofit uniquely positioned to mobilize government, industry and academia to drive, fund and lead actionable research.
09-Feb-2024 05:25:02 PM EST

Are Low-Carb Diets Best When It Comes to Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes?

New study suggests that limiting carbohydrates is associated with high prevalence of cardiometabolic disease, especially when dietary fat intake is high.
16-Mar-2023 10:05:11 AM EDT

IAFNS Looks Ahead at 2nd Anniversary with Focus on Food, Nutrition, Transparency

Advancing food science for public health benefit through transparency and collaboration.
16-Feb-2023 04:05:03 PM EST

New Tool Available to Ensure Consumer Acceptance of Fiber Enriched Foods

Two new publications make it easier to formulate fiber-added foods with acceptable consumer tolerance.
01-Feb-2023 02:35:27 PM EST

The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences is Now Accepting Applications for Summer Research Opportunity Fellowships

A unique opportunity to work with scientists in government, industry and academia to learn more about how multi-sector science collaborations have impact.
31-Jan-2023 10:35:56 AM EST

Dec. 13-15 Science Innovation Showcase Highlights Alternative Proteins, Next-Gen Topics

Afternoons-only, virtual conference features talks on food labels, 'safe' ingredients and more.
06-Dec-2022 10:25:27 AM EST

PFAS in Food Packaging: Impacts of Upcoming Changes on Food Companies

IAFNS-led Nov. 14 webinar to explore federal and state developments and their implications.
01-Nov-2022 03:35:08 PM EDT

IAFNS and USDA Agriculture Research Service Team Up for 4-Part Webinar Series

Join federal scientists as they share the latest nutrition research on Dietary Added Sugars, Complex Carbohydrates, Botanicals and Flavonoids.
14-Oct-2022 02:05:24 PM EDT

IAFNS Launches Project to Link Consumer-Articulated Cognitive Benefits with Valid Research Tools

Effort aimed at documenting which outcomes measured by cognitive performance tests are aligned with benefits sought by consumers.
23-Aug-2022 01:05:05 PM EDT

IAFNS Announces Two New Summer Fellows to Study Lipids, Recycled Resins

Now in its second year, IAFNS Summer Research Opportunity Fellowship Program supports the next generation of scientists.
20-May-2022 02:30:32 PM EDT

Informing Food Labels: Tracking Emerging Food Allergy Research, Regulatory and Patient Care Trends

IAFNS reviews recent food allergy trends for healthcare practitioners and nutritionists.
31-Mar-2022 01:20:25 PM EDT

IAFNS Celebrates its First Year Advancing Food and Nutrition Sciences

Collaborative North American research institute supported 25 peer-reviewed papers, 31 webinars and earned over 140 media mentions since its launch in February 2021.
02-Mar-2022 02:40:24 PM EST

Collaborative Research Institute Updates Screening of Metals in Food

IAFNS updates tool to compare metal exposures with safety limits
16-Feb-2022 11:25:22 AM EST

The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences is Now Accepting Applications for Summer Research Opportunity Fellowships

IAFNS is committed to ensuring that the opportunity to apply to this fellowship is open to a diverse pool of qualified applicants.
18-Jan-2022 03:05:47 PM EST

Collaborative Nutrition and Food Safety Research Institute to Host Science Innovation Showcase

This exciting, virtual event will bring together university, industry, venture investment, non-profit and government experts to review, discuss, and advance innovations in the food and beverage ecosystem.
08-Dec-2021 11:05:48 AM EST

Fitbits and Other Devices Measure Energy Expended Well, But Less Reliable for Tracking Energy Storage and Intake in Research

IAFNS-supported study finds that commercial devices do well in estimating energy outlays compared to gold-standard measures but less well on storage and intake.
10-Nov-2021 03:05:50 PM EST

Collaborative North American Research Institute Features Cross-Canada Food Safety and Science Series

Fall and winter 2021 IAFNS webinar series highlights topical research from Canadian universities on polymers in sustainable packaging, antioxidants in cereal grains, and many other presentations.
07-Oct-2021 01:25:24 PM EDT

Have a Science-Based Food Innovation? Can We Talk?

IAFNS upcoming Science Innovation Showcase could feature your data-driven presentation on a new nutrition or food safety idea.
06-Oct-2021 10:45:20 AM EDT

New Wearable Sensors, Other Tools, Advance Personalized Health

Unique collaboration of nutritionists, engineers, kinesiologists and other researchers review the state of the science and frame cross-disciplinary approach to advancing public health
27-Sep-2021 01:05:17 PM EDT

Research Gaps on ‘Rare’ Sugars that Show Promise as Alternative Sweeteners

Uniquely metabolized sugars naturally present in small amounts in foods such as honey, maple syrup, and certain fruits are alternative sweeteners with potential health benefits. However, controlled trials are needed before their full benefits may be realized.
10-Aug-2021 09:00:55 AM EDT

Graduate Student and Post-Doc Stipends Available for Research Using a Comprehensive Fiber Database Supported by IAFNS

Travel, publications support available for studies leveraging fiber database.
07-Jul-2021 09:00:40 AM EDT

Harmonizing Glycemic Impact Measures Can Improve Food Labeling

International review finds consistencies but room to coordinate post-prandial glucose measures considered for food labeling.
25-May-2021 09:05:44 AM EDT

Registration Opens for Collaborative Food Safety and Nutrition Institute’s Annual Meeting

Dynamic science meeting to address critical food safety, nutrition topics
24-May-2021 09:00:13 AM EDT

Join Our June 15 ‘Listening Session’ to Improve Food Safety Capacity Building: Forming a Public-Private Partnership for Data Sharing

Data sharing for the 21st Century to protect against foodborne disease
13-May-2021 09:00:37 AM EDT

Leading Scientists Say Evidence Should Shape Dietary Bioactive Guidance

New paper describes path for science-based dietary recommendations
11-May-2021 10:35:31 AM EDT

Join Food and Nutrition Experts Gathering at IAFNS Annual Meeting June 16-17

Science symposium to address food safety and nutrition topics of current interest
29-Apr-2021 02:40:17 PM EDT

The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences is Now Accepting Applications for a Summer Research Opportunity Fellowships

Remote, part-time Fellowships available for graduate students from diverse backgrounds to learn about and contribute to ongoing food and beverage sector research projects.
18-Mar-2021 03:50:44 PM EDT

“ IAFNS takes scientific integrity seriously because of the importance of the public’s trust in the credibility of our food safety and nutrition research. Every research undertaking our board approves must be for the benefit of public health.”

“In order to generate actionable research, the input of academic, government and industry scientists is extremely valuable as each sector brings unique understandings, knowledge and responsibilities to the table.”

“Information-rich problem sets lead to the most confident science policy decisions no matter where you sit.”

“IAFNS' commitment to publishing food safety and nutrition research regardless of its outcome is one of the most important tenets of scientific integrity.”

“Nutrition and food safety research that includes the varying perspectives offered by academic, government and industry representatives is the most likely to eliminate biased results.”

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