Newswise — Experts from the University of Delaware's Disaster Research Center can provide tips and analysis about evacuations and response related to latest round of wildfires raging in the Santa Clarita area, north of Los Angeles, and Sonoma County, in California's wine country.

Jennifer Horney: Can talk about health impacts of exposure to the fire and smoke as well as the after effects of exposure to environmental contaminants during clean up.

James Kendra: (Disaster response, nursing homes and hospitals) and Rachel Davidson (natural risk modeling) are working on a critical infrastructure project focused on Los Angeles.

Tricia Wachtendorf: Evacuation decision-making, disaster response and coordination, disaster relief (donations) and logistics, volunteer and emergency efforts, social vulnerability.  

Sarah DeYoung: Pets (equine included) and evacuation; decision-making in hurricane evacuation.

Jennifer Trivedi: Cultural issues and long-term recovery.