For your Science of Super Bowl initiative:

Dr. Brian Cole of Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (#4 orthopedic program in the nation, according to US News & World Report) is a leading expert and innovator in orthopedic sports medicine having helped thousands of high-level athletes, including NFL players, return-to-sport (RTS) after injury. He has published more than 1,000 articles and 10 widely read textbooks in orthopedics and regenerative medicine. He is the head team physician for the Chicago Bulls NBA team, co-team physician for the Chicago White Sox MLB team and DePaul University in Chicago, and former team physician for the Chicago Rush Arena Football team.

He has conducted extensive research on sports performance and return-to-sport after ACL reconstruction in high-level athletes, including NBA, NCAA, and NFL players and focuses his research in this population on ways to determine safe RTS and analyze athlete performance after returning to the field. Finally, he is a world-leader in meniscus and articular cartilage transplantation and treatment of athletes who have cartilage problems that otherwise prevent them from participating in high level sports.

As a specific example, Dr. Cole recently conducted a research study to determine RTS in NFL quarterbacks following surgical ACL reconstruction, their performance upon return, and the difference in performance between healthy NFL quarterbacks of similar age, BMI, pre-injury performance, and NFL experience. His results demonstrated no significant difference in performance between those who underwent ACL reconstruction and those that did not. The 12 quarterbacks who underwent ACL reconstructions played approximately 5 more years in the NFL after their reconstructions.

Dr. Cole has made multiple media appearances. These include a Ted X Talk in which he advocates for a patient-centered approach to surgical decision-making to ensure the best possible outcomes and Nik Wallenda’s tightrope stunt in Chicago for which he provided expert medical commentary.

He understands the time commitments for this event and is willing to carve out the necessary time to facilitate this 2017 Newswise initiative. To learn more about Dr. Cole, please visit his website: