Dr. Emily Balcetis, PHD, associate professor of psychology, New York University, focuses on motivation in social psychology with a particular interest in how people see the world impacts their ability to achieve goals. She’s authored more than 65 scientific publications, written for Huffington Post, Livestrong, and Work Style Magazine, among others and appeared as a host for National Geographic and guest on MSNBC and National Public Radio. Her 2014 TED talk has been viewed by more than 3 million people and transcribed into nearly 30 languages.

Dr. Balcetis is currently collaborating with Lean Cuisine on a new social experiment, which shows despite societal stereotypes suggesting female relationships encourage anxiety, pressure and judgement; women can have a profound impact on other women as an engine for ambition.  She is available for interviews to discuss the social experiment, how women influence other women and related topics.