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Newswise: 240606_Ekstrom_001.JPG?itok=ktQhE4Oz
Released: 12-Jun-2024 4:05 PM EDT
Study Shows Politicians Deny Misdeeds Because We Want to Believe Them
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

According to a newly published study led by a University of Nebraska–Lincoln political scientist, the answer may be that their supporters prefer a less-than-credible denial to losing political power and in-group status because of a discredited standard-bearer.

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Released: 10-Jun-2024 3:05 PM EDT
Study: Wire-Cut Forensic Exams Currently Too Unreliable for Court
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A research article published June 10 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences highlights the importance of careful application of high-tech forensic science to avoid wrongful convictions.

Newswise: 240426_CB3_043v2.jpg?itok=UFfIc3GN
Released: 22-May-2024 2:05 PM EDT
Food for Thought: Study Links Key Nutrients to Slower Brain Aging
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Scientists have long been studying the brain with a goal of aiding healthier aging. While much is known about risk factors for accelerated brain aging, less has been uncovered to identify ways to reduce cognitive decline.

Newswise: 240506_USDA%20groundbreaking%20NIC2.jpg?itok=salm0Jyg
Released: 7-May-2024 12:05 PM EDT
Construction Begins on Groundbreaking Precision Ag Research Center
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Construction of the National Center for Resilient and Regenerative Precision Agriculture at Nebraska Innovation Campus launched with a ceremonial turning of dirt on May 6.

Newswise: 240501_Perdikaris_032.JPG?itok=NKO95JEx
Released: 2-May-2024 3:05 PM EDT
Nebraska Researcher Helps Untangle History of Fallow Deer
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

An environmental archaeologist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Perdikaris maintains a research station on the Caribbean island of Barbuda where, despite the species’ status as national animal and cultural emblem, the fallow deer population could face extinction as a result of over-hunting and massive environmental destruction caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Newswise: Barnes to perform inside ‘Greenpoint’ for Lincoln Calling
Released: 24-Apr-2024 10:05 AM EDT
Barnes to perform inside ‘Greenpoint’ for Lincoln Calling
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Paul Barnes, the Marguerite Scribante Professor of Piano in the Glenn Korff School of Music, will be performing a special program of composer Philip Glass’s works inside “Greenpoint,” a sculpture by Richard Serra on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s City Campus at noon, May 1. The performance is free and open to the public.

Newswise: Carson Center offers game-changing expertise to research, industry
Released: 10-Apr-2024 10:05 AM EDT
Carson Center offers game-changing expertise to research, industry
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Edgeworks, a new research and service facility launched by the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, is helping scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs transform cutting-edge concepts into game-changing reality.

Newswise: Revesz decodes ancient sphinx’s mysterious message
Released: 7-Feb-2024 6:05 PM EST
Revesz decodes ancient sphinx’s mysterious message
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

For nearly two centuries, scholars have puzzled over an inscription of just 20 characters, cast upon an unusual bronze sphinx statue believed to have originated in Potaissa, a Roman Empire military base camp located in present-day Romania.

Newswise: Sheldon%2003032.jpg?itok=51H0gNdJ
Released: 7-Feb-2024 11:50 AM EST
Dawes’ deep dive into Marley lyrics spurred by lifelong love, Jamaican connections
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Victorious over the many booby traps that guarded his older brother’s bedroom, a 17-year-old Kwame Dawes perched on the edge of his sibling’s neatly made bed and relaxed as the rhythms of a new Bob Marley and the Wailers album flowed from the record player.

Released: 31-Jan-2024 8:05 AM EST
Surgical robot developed at Nebraska launches into space
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A surgeon’s hands could stretch 250 miles above Earth, should an upcoming test of a miniaturized surgical robot aboard the International Space Station prove successful.

Newswise: 20231127-drillsite-nt.jpg?itok=nUwV1nsj
Released: 27-Nov-2023 4:05 PM EST
Husker expertise featured in new Antarctic study
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A multinational team of scientists, drillers and engineers has deployed to a remote part of Antarctica on an urgent mission to predict how fast the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will melt from global and ocean warming.

Released: 24-Oct-2023 1:05 PM EDT
Study explores relationship between crowdfunding sites, backers
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Why would someone decide to give their money to help a stranger bring a creative project to life?

Newswise: Nebraska researchers converting plant wastes into antimicrobial agents
Released: 18-Sep-2023 4:05 PM EDT
Nebraska researchers converting plant wastes into antimicrobial agents
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska researchers are converting plant wastes into antimicrobial agents that could help prevent pathogenic infections and death while significantly lowering the cost of antimicrobial treatments and being a boon to the bioeconomy.

Newswise: NSRI, NU awarded $24.5M contract to develop acute radiation syndrome prophylactic
Released: 11-Sep-2023 10:00 AM EDT
NSRI, NU awarded $24.5M contract to develop acute radiation syndrome prophylactic
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Researchers from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and University of Nebraska Medical Center, with guidance and administration from the National Strategic Research Institute, are advancing development of a first-of-its-kind prophylactic to help protect U.S. troops from the effects of acute radiation syndrome.

Released: 28-Aug-2023 10:55 AM EDT
11 projects funded through Grand Challenges competition
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

High-impact research projects that will use quantum approaches to address climate resilience and sustainable energy; scale up educational programs for at-risk children in Nebraska and support the early childhood workforce; and make food plastics safer for consumers have been funded through the second Grand Challenges Catalyst Competition.

Released: 20-Jun-2023 2:30 PM EDT
Husker engineers earn grant to protect military bases against EV-based attacks
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Most are watching the gradual shift from gas-powered to electric vehicles through the mirrors of the environment, climate or automotive industry.

Released: 16-Jun-2023 11:45 AM EDT
Compounds show promise for inhibiting nerve growth implicated in back pain
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Welcome to Pocket Science: a glimpse at recent research from Husker scientists and engineers. For those who want to quickly learn the “What,” “So what” and “Now what” of Husker research.

Released: 6-Jun-2023 12:20 PM EDT
Husker scientists closing in on long-lasting swine flu vaccine
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A successful long-term experiment with live hogs indicates Nebraska scientists may be another step closer to achieving a safe, long-lasting and potentially universal vaccine against swine flu.

Released: 5-Jun-2023 5:30 PM EDT
Awada leads development of ag, environment research for national defense
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Defense of the United States is an undertaking that requires the help of experts from a wide array of obviously related disciplines — physics, engineering, computer science, political science and more. One discipline that might not immediately come to mind is plant ecophysiology. But the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Tala Awada is leading the way.

Released: 25-May-2023 4:00 PM EDT
Willa Cather's statue to be unveiled June 7 in U.S. Capitol
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Public is invited to watch the dedication at 11 a.m. Eastern June 7 via C-Span, the website of the Speaker of the House, or at viewing parties at two Nebraska locations.

Released: 12-May-2023 4:45 PM EDT
Nebraska team explores ways to expand Holocaust education
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, a large group of University of Nebraska–Lincoln undergraduates stood quietly and reflected near the Nebraska Holocaust Memorial in Wyuka Cemetery.

Released: 8-May-2023 11:40 AM EDT
Uniformity of prey can yield spider-eat-spider world
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A limited menu of prey may weave a tangled food web by emboldening wolf spiders of multiple species to dine on each other and even cannibalize their own, says a study from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Newswise:Video Embedded hibbing-to-retire-after-prolific-40-year-career
Released: 1-May-2023 11:15 AM EDT
Hibbing to retire after prolific 40-year career
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

John Hibbing has long been a venerable voice in the world of politics, often fielding interviews for local and national media, parsing the data and making sense of things where it seems there’s little.

Released: 28-Apr-2023 11:50 AM EDT
Sharing positive feelings may ease loneliness-based negativity
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Welcome to Pocket Science: a glimpse at recent research from Husker scientists and engineers. For those who want to quickly learn the “What,” “So what” and “Now what” of Husker research.

Released: 27-Apr-2023 11:10 AM EDT
Land O’Lakes president, CEO to deliver Heuermann Lecture
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Beth Ford, president and CEO of Land O’Lakes, Inc., is the featured speaker at the May 8 Heuermann Lecture, part of the 2023 Water for Food Global Conference.

Released: 11-Nov-2022 1:10 PM EST
Researchers transform popcorn into microbiome-boosting superfood
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska researchers working with food processing giant Conagra have developed a new complete-protein popcorn variety that benefits the human gut microbiome.

Newswise: Husker study: Brazil can grow more soybeans without deforesting Amazon
Released: 11-Oct-2022 9:15 AM EDT
Husker study: Brazil can grow more soybeans without deforesting Amazon
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Developing countries around the globe face a challenge that pits economic growth against environmental protection. As they expand their agricultural production, they often convert forest into cropland and pasture. But the large-scale removal of trees weakens the world’s ability to prevent further climate deterioration and biodiversity loss.

Released: 8-Sep-2022 12:40 PM EDT
Garlic chives hold 'therapeutic promise' against heart disease and other obesity-related illness
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska researchers seek to identify the bioactive molecules that give chive nanoparticles their "very strong anti-inflammatory function."

Released: 27-Apr-2022 3:45 PM EDT
Langvardt Discusses Free-Speech Implications of Musk's Twitter Purchase
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Elon Musk has a difficult and probably impossible task ahead of him, because free speech ideals aren't well-suited to social media. Platform administrators -- even those with strong libertarian impulses -- wind up policing online speech.

Released: 14-Jan-2022 1:20 PM EST
Process improves strength, color of feather-based fibers
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Domesticated chickens in the United States alone produce more than 2 billion pounds of feathers annually. Those feathers have long been considered a waste product, especially when contaminated with blood, feces or bacteria that can prove hazardous to the environment.

Released: 29-Nov-2021 11:50 AM EST
Can United Nations conference save Antarctic glaciers?
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska scientist says time is running out for West Antarctic ice sheet

Released: 5-Nov-2021 8:45 AM EDT
Nebraska Indian boarding school's past being slowly uncovered
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

An estimated 10,000 children from 40 tribes were removed from their families and placed at the Genoa school during its 50 years. A team of researchers is piecing together the school's scarred history and making it available to descendants.

Newswise: Researchers from Nebraska, Ethiopia rethinking the coffee ‘cherry’
Released: 21-Oct-2021 10:20 AM EDT
Researchers from Nebraska, Ethiopia rethinking the coffee ‘cherry’
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Starting the day with a cup of coffee is a daily ritual for many across the United States, and variations on coffee have changed over time, including the trendy options — iced, frozen, cold brew — and of course, the traditional hot and black.

Newswise: Saraf advances work on first-of-its-kind ‘living’ transistor chip
Released: 21-Oct-2021 10:10 AM EDT
Saraf advances work on first-of-its-kind ‘living’ transistor chip
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

A University of Nebraska–Lincoln researcher is one step closer to developing a new kind of transistor chip that harnesses the biological responses of living organisms to drive current through the device, shedding light on cellular activity at an unprecedented level of sensitivity.

Released: 12-Aug-2021 11:30 AM EDT
Mountain lions moved less, downsized territory during LA’s pandemic shutdown
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

As people sheltered in place at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, sightings of wildlife in urban areas helped spawn a meme, “Nature is healing,” that reflected an intuitive belief: Carnivores were stretching their legs, and their ranges, by expanding into long-lost territory.

Released: 3-Aug-2021 9:00 AM EDT
Implant Shows Extreme Promise for Regenerating Bone
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Its powers may not rival Wolverine's, but a regenerative implant engineered by researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and University of Nebraska–Lincoln could help repair bone-deep damage following physical trauma, surgery or osteoporosis.

Released: 22-Jun-2021 6:05 PM EDT
Knitting's Resurgence Reflects Women's Desire To Confront Inequality
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Based on interviews, surveys and going "undercover" as a knitter, marketing professor Andre F. Maciel concluded that millions of knitters are engaged in a political and cultural battle to gain more respect for skills often scorned as women's work.

Released: 23-Apr-2021 4:55 PM EDT
Breaking the glass ceiling: Kang tracking female judicial appointments around the globe
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

For the past seven years, political scientist Alice Kang has been tracking when and how women broke the glass ceiling to be appointed to the highest courts in democratic countries.

Released: 26-Mar-2021 4:10 PM EDT
New book unveils the hidden role Edith Lewis played in Willa Cather's life and work
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

In "The Only Wonderful Things," to be released April 1 by Oxford University Press, Cather scholar Melissa Homestead details the collaborative partnership and personal relationship between Willa Cather and Edith Lewis. Although the two women lived together openly for nearly 40 years, information about their relationship was suppressed and disputed for many years. Homestead writes: "Willa Cather was no fool, and when she chose to live her life with Edith Lewis, she entered a partnership that enabled her to write some of the most loved and admired novels of the first half of the twentieth century."

Released: 23-Mar-2021 4:05 PM EDT
Penguin hemoglobin evolved to meet oxygen demands of diving
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Experiments on ancient proteins reveal evolution of better oxygen capture, release

Released: 12-Jan-2021 11:30 AM EST
Researchers map ticks across Cornhusker State
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

After eons of landing on the legs and arms of humans and animals, ticks have landed smack-dab in the middle of the research interests of University of Nebraska–Lincoln master’s student Dominic Cristiano.