“It was the last thing I wanted to do,” said Lorna Gooden of visiting the specialists at the MOLLY Diabetes Education/Management Center for Adults and Children - after learning she had gone from having prediabetes to type 2 diabetes. “It was one more thing on my to-do list and how much of a difference could it really make anyway?”

But after just one visit, Lorna quickly realized the center would make all the difference in the world. “Everything I thought I was doing right, I was actually doing all wrong and making matters much worse for myself,” said Lorna. Foods she thought were low in sugars and eating on a daily basis, for example, were actually high in carbohydrates, and affecting her blood sugar. “I really didn’t understand how my blood sugar levels were changing throughout the course of the day and how that was impacting the way I was feeling.”

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and as we approach World Diabetes Day, this Sunday, November 14, a recent study forecasts that the number of Americans with prediabetes will climb to an astounding 107.7 million people in 2030. This increased prevalence means 30% of all Americans and 51% of all seniors will have prediabetes. But here’s the good news - prediabetes can be reversed and even full-blown diabetes can be put into remission with the right lifestyle changes. 

At the MOLLY Diabetes Education/Management Center for Adults and Children at Hackensack University Medical Center patients, like Lorna, receive the most up-to-date, effective methods of diabetes treatment and management including the information, skills, and tools needed to live a healthy, productive, and satisfying life.

“You don’t have to cut everything that you love out of your diet, you just have to learn what to eat and drink when,” explained Lorna who said she also learned how stress and sleep were impacting her diabetes. “I come from a long line of diabetics including my mother, my aunts, even my sisters, and so I thought I knew how to manage it.” It’s only now, after working with the specialists at the MOLLY Center,  that Lorna said she knows what she really needs to do. “This knowledge has helped me put my diabetes in remission.”

The specialists at the Molly Center are also now helping Lorna’s family fight their diabetes with excellent results. If you or someone you love may have prediabetes or if you could use help managing type 1 or type 2 diabetes, please call and book an appointment today by clicking here.