Newswise — More Heart Valve Patients May Choose Minimally Invasive Procedure
Since August, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a minimally invasive heart valve procedure for an expanded group of patients with aortic stenosis, Raj Makkar, MD, vice president of Cardiovascular Innovation and Intervention at Cedars-Sinai, says many more patients are opting for … Read more

Protecting Your Lungs From Wildfire Smoke
Wildfires continue to burn throughout Southern California, forcing many people to evacuate their homes and workplaces. Even if you don't live in an evacuation zone, smoke from the fires can pose a serious health risk. "Smoke can present special health hazards to humans and pets-especially children … Read more

Nurses Turn Medication Vial Caps Into Artwork
It's routine to toss out medication vial caps when they pile up at a hospital nursing station. But a group of oncology nurses at Cedars-Sinai embraced a more creative idea: They turned their caps of many colors into a work of art. And it wasn't just any kind of artwork, but one dedicated to … Read more

Cedars-Sinai Earns Top Score as LGBTQ Healthcare Leader
Cedars-Sinai achieved a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign's 2019 Healthcare Equality Index. The top score means Cedars-Sinai has earned the designation of being a "Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality." The Healthcare Equality Index is an annual survey that evaluates medical center … Read more

3D Mammograms: Are They Worth It?
As 3D mammography, also called digital breast tomosynthesis, has become more available nationwide, a big question many women face is whether they should step up and get one. Are they safe, more effective and for every woman? The answers are yes, yes and yes, said Cynthia A. Litwer, MD, chief of breast imaging at Cedars-Sinai... Read more